Teranka Formentera

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Teranka is a boutique hotel, set on a protected, beachside estate, on the magical island of Formentera. Inspired by the notion of 'Terre d'Ancrage', Teranka anchors you to the eternal rhythms of nature. Sitting between the canopy of green pines and the azure seas, it instils a feeling of calm wellbeing and belonging. From the moment you enter Teranka, you are greeted by the sculpture ‘Irma’s Dream’, that invites guests to pause, take a seat in the shade of the ancient olive tree, be calmed by the sounds of the fountain, and begin to be immersed in a richly authentic Formentera experience that embraces the island’s laidback style and celebrates its protected, natural landscape.

Best room 🏠

One bedroom suite

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By the main pool